Nâng cấp internet explorer cho win xp

There is a old computer here that is running WinXP & IE7 (yes, 7). I"d like to update it IE8, which is the latest version that is allowed to lớn run on WinXP. I know support for XP has ended, but I thought support ending meant no new releases, not that you can"t tải về anything at all. The Microsoft web site only brings up a screen saying tư vấn has ended whenever trying lớn update anything on XP.

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So does "support ending" mean you can"t download anything, or are the last versions available somewhere? If so, where?


I think that you could try downloading an offline installer from the liên kết provided here:


Since they links to microsoft.com, I presume that they are safe to lớn install. As safe as IE8 is, anyway ;-)

Good luck!


http://www.itechtics.com/download-internet-explorer-all-versionsprovidedhttp://download.microsoft.com/download/C/C/0/CC0BD555-33DD-411E-936B-73AC6F95AE11/IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.exewhich did work. Consider that as a less roundabout way than coming at it via windows update.

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As both Michael Hampton and Journeyman Geek mentioned in comments (I would have been happy lớn upvote & accept either as a answer), Windows Update still works on XP, and automatically updates IE to version 8. I tried this và it worked.

However, Windows Update is not necessarily in the Start menu. You can reliably get to the Windows Update page by going to lớn Control Panel, then Automatic Updates.


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