Alternate Titles
Les Belles Demoiselles d’Antan re-issue title of French hard vi xử lý core version, incorrect credits in some versions, c. 1 hr. 20 mins. Blue Porno College Italy, Chaleurs Danoises 1974 original title of French hard bộ vi xử lý core release, Danish Pastries USA, soft version, Video-X-Pix DVD, c. 1 hr 15 mins. I jungfruns tecken Sweden and DVD box title, In the Sign of the Virgin European English video title, Das tosende Mädchenpensionat der Madame O West Germany, soft version, includes a misleading credits sequence with shots from other movies in the series .

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Werner Hedman is mis-credited as the director in one version of the French clip release – ‘Un film de Werner Hedman’ – and the cast credits on this version are also incorrect, coming from another film in the series.

Further female names in the Danish credit are Kate and Charlotte. The names Anja Gothard, Frauke Granholm & Soretta Eversheim are listed on imdb but vày not appear in the Danish credits.

Males –

Ole Søltoft plays Armand, the school inspectorBent Warburg plays Professor Bomwitz, the chemist who develops the aphrodisiac powderBjørn Puggaard-MüllerBenny Hansen plays Gine’s manJan KlevbrandBent Rohweder plays a young man in the orgy sceneFrank SteinMichael WuthenauKeld Rex Holm plays nude barber shaving blond in brothel

Guessing some details of the plot it seems that Professor Bomwitz invents và aphrodisiac và travels to a small town with a brothel khổng lồ try it out. At the same time Armand is also going there, armed with a powerful sedative, to giảm giá with the sex-mad schoolgirls taught by Sigrid Horne Rasmussen. These girls are sent into a cellar for punishment but have a secret escape route which comes out opposite the brothel. When Armand arrives he is sent to the brothel by mistake. The prof meets some of the girls & puts some powder into a glass of fruit juice. Anne Bie Warburg drinks it & leaps on him, chases him into the countryside and has sex with him. Later, however, the prof finds he is impotent. He has bumped into Armand and their bags have been mixed up.

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At the school there is a rough initiation fight for a new girl. Then a couple of the girls expose themselves lớn Armand in class. Armand pours the contents of the jar of aphrodisiac, thinking it is the sedative, into the town’s reservoir. Then he joins the teacher và the girls for a meal of soup. Everyone goes berserk & they chase him out of the school and into the brothel. Two workmen also drink the water và arrive at the brothel just before the schoolgirls. An orgy ensues which ends with everyone diving into the reservoir.

Nine months later we see the results – all the schoolgirls are pregnant.

Some of the actresses clearly vày hard core (such as Anne Bie Warburg), but some of the schoolgirls in the orgy scene seem unfamiliar compared with those clearly seen in the school.