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Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down for an interview with a student from the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications và covered topics from iPhone to lớn innovation.

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Tim Cook makes public appearances on a regular basis lớn cover Apple"s usual talking points and on Friday morning he talked with a 22-year-old Chinese college senior. The interview covered Tim Cook"s morning routine, his visits to lớn China, và how technology affects our lives.

Interviewer & university student He Shijie started by asking Cook how he & the team at Apple deal with the ức chế of coming up with new products every year.

"There"s no one formula for innovation," Cook said. "What we do is we have a culture of creativity và a culture of collaboration. These two things together, when they intersect, create enormous innovation." He said that diversity & inclusion foster an environment for innovation, that diverse people feed off of each other.

Shijie commented on the iPhone 12 và congratulated Cook on the new devices and features. Cook responded by commenting on the innovations apple released throughout 2020.

"We"re having an incredible time with it (iPhone 12)," Cook continued. "I really believe that 2020 was our vị trí cao nhất year of innovation ever," "between the phones and the Watch and the iPad, và M1."

Shijie said the M1 processor in his macbook Air has long-lasting battery life, "it just lasts forever." He said Final Cut performs much better on the laptop apple macbook Air than on his older 16-inch laptop macbook Pro.

The conversation turned to lớn technology and how it has been implemented khổng lồ improve lives. Cook discussed some of the innovations that were inspired by China, like alternate keyboard options, night mode photography, và QR code scanning. Cook said that it is important for everyone to learn how to use their device because "everything is on the phone."

Tim Cook said he loves visiting trung quốc and meeting developers. "The largest reward we get for our work is seeing what other people vị with it," he commented, inviting Shijie lớn discuss his work process.

Shijie said that the Notes phầm mềm is one of his most used apps. That having one place to jot down thoughts and having it sync between his iPad & iPhone via iCloud is an amazing tool.

The conversation then turned khổng lồ Cook discussing his involvement on the SEM Board, educating people on coding, & Everyone Can Code. He says that coding & creativity are important skills for the future.

The interview concluded with a short conversation about Steve Jobs and advice for graduates seeking employment. Cook cited a quote from Jobs in answering the question, saying "you"ll know it when you find it. And if you haven"t found it yet, you should keep looking."



said about 1 year ago

I’ve followed táo khuyết since 1996. Steve Jobs was a market disruptor. An inventor who took enormous risks. Under his leadership apple invented the most remarkable achievement in computing (iPhone). Like the iPhone the M1 is truly another trò chơi changer.



said about 1 year ago

The two products that stood out in 2020 are AirPods Max and the M1 Macs. On the services side I would also showroom Apple One.Phil Schiller"s "Can"t Innovate....My a$$" remark rings more true now than ever.

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said about 1 year ago

A breakthrough year in innovation? Sure... Due to the M1 which will redefine the performance/power curve for computing and align with phones.Ever? Well that"s part of the hyperbolic, BS driven we live in today... Younger folks haven"t seen truly amazing breakthroughs (e.g. The Moon Landing) so a TikTok music remix becomes the innovation standard...But compared to say Apple"s 1984... Not even close... Tim, given where táo khuyết is and is going there"s no reason for you to be serving the BS lasagna... It"s not a good look



said about 1 year ago

Well, as demonstrated by the two posts above, it’s all subjective & depends on one’s ideology & world view. Jobs worshipers will always hate Cook I suppose.



said about 1 year ago

What an incredible interview & discussion! Makes my day.


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