How to run two facebook accounts at once

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You access Facebook on your Samsung Galaxy tablet by running the Facebook app. If you can’t find the Facebook app, you need lớn install it.

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The first time you behold the Facebook app, you’ll probably be asked to lớn sign in. Vị so: Type the e-mail address you used khổng lồ sign up for Facebook và then type your Facebook password. Cảm ứng the Log In button.

If you’re asked to sync your contacts, bởi vì so. It is recommended you choose the Sync All option, which brings in all your Facebook friends to the tablet’s Contacts list. Cảm ứng the Sync button in the upper-right corner of the screen lớn begin using Facebook.

Eventually, you see the Facebook News Feed.


When you need a respite from Facebook, press the home key khổng lồ return lớn the home screen.

The Facebook phầm mềm continues lớn run until you either sign out or turn off the tablet. To lớn sign out of Facebook, cảm ứng the menu button & choose the Log Out command. Then cảm biến the Confirm button.

Display the sidebar by touching the Facebook ứng dụng button. To hide the sidebar, touch that button again.

Refer khổng lồ Chapter 19 for information on placing a Facebook phầm mềm or widget on the home screen.

Use the Comment, Like, or share buttons below a News Feed tác phẩm to comment, like, or giới thiệu something, respectively. You can see the comments only when you choose the phản hồi item.

The News Feed is updated when you swipe down on the screen.

Notifications for Facebook appear in the notifications area of the screen.


How khổng lồ set your Facebook status from your Samsung Galaxy tablet

The primary thing you live for on Facebook, besides having more friends than anyone else, is to update your status. It’s the best way to mô tả your thoughts with the universe, far cheaper than skywriting và far less offensive than a robocall.

To phối your status, follow these steps in the Facebook app:

Touch the Status button at the đứng top of the screen.

You see the Write Post screen, where you can type your musing2.


Type something pithy, newsworthy, or typical of the stuff you read in Facebook.

When you can’t think of anything lớn post, take off your shoes, sit down, and take a picture of your feet against something else in the background. That seems to be really popular.

Touch the Post button.

You can also phối your status by using the Facebook widget on the home page, if it’s been installed. Cảm ứng the What’s on Your Mind text box, type your important news tidbit, và then cảm ứng the cốt truyện button.

How lớn upload a picture khổng lồ Facebook from your Samsung Galaxy tablet

One of the many things your Galaxy tablet can vày is take pictures. Combine that feature with the Facebook app, và you have an all-in-one gizmo designed for sharing the various intimate & private moments of your life with the ogling throngs of the Internet.

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The picture-posting process starts by touching a Photo icon in the Facebook app. After touching the Photo icon, you see the photo selection screen.


You have two choices:

First, you can select an image from pictures shown on the screen. Those are images found on the tablet. Touch an image, or cảm biến several images to lớn select a bunch.

Second, you can take a picture by using the tablet’s camera.

If you elect khổng lồ use the tablet’s camera khổng lồ take a picture, cảm biến the Camera icon on the photo selection screen. (It’s in the lower-left corner.) You then find yourself thrust into Facebook’s camera app.


Use the onscreen controls to take your picture. Or you can shoot a quick video. When you’re done, cảm ứng the Gallery button.

To proceed with uploading your image, follow these steps:

Touch an image in the gallery khổng lồ select it.

(Optional) To địa chỉ cửa hàng a tag, tap the image và type the person"s name.

You can cảm biến someone’s face in the picture và then type her name. Choose from a các mục of your Facebook friends to apply a name tag to the image.

Use the rotate button to lớn reorient the image, if necessary.

Touch the Compose button.

Add a message to lớn the image.

At this point, posting the image works just lượt thích adding a status update.

Touch the Post button.

The image is posted as soon as it’s transferred over the Internet và digested by Facebook.

The image can be found as part of your status update or News Feed, and it’s also saved lớn Facebook’s smartphone Uploads album.

Facebook also appears on the various giới thiệu menus you find in other apps on the tablet. Choose that command lớn send lớn Facebook whatever it is you’re looking at.

How khổng lồ configure the Facebook tiện ích on your Samsung Galaxy tablet

The commands that control Facebook are stored on the Settings screen, which you access by touching the menu button while viewing the main Facebook screen và choosing the Settings command.

Choose Refresh Interval to lớn specify how frequently the tiện ích checks for new Facebook activities. You might find the one-hour value to be too long for your frantic Facebook social life, so choose something quicker. Or, to lớn disable Facebook notifications, choose Never.

The Notification Ringtone thành tựu sets the sound that plays when Facebook has a new update. Choose the Silent option when you don’t want the phầm mềm to make noise upon encountering a Facebook update.

Touch the Back button lớn close the Settings screen & return to lớn the main Facebook.

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