Galaxy s21 ultra 5g

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* Limited distribution.

All device images simulated for comparison purposes.

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*All specifications & descriptions provided herein may be different from the actual specifications & descriptions for the product. reserves the right khổng lồ make changes lớn this document & the hàng hóa described herein, at anytime, without obligation on to lớn provide notification of such change. All functionality, features, specifications, GUI & other hàng hóa information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, & capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation. The contents within the screen are simulated images & are for demonstration purposes only.

ᶿ Trade-in values vary. Galaxy Note20 5G promotional pricing is after trade-in of Galaxy Note10 Plus or Galaxy S20 in good condition. For a limited time only, on App, pre-order or purchase a new qualifying Galaxy device (“Qualifying Purchase”), send in your qualifying trade-in device to through the Trade-In Program, và if determines your trade-in device meets all eligibility requirements, you will receive a trade-in credit specific lớn your qualifying trade-in device lớn apply toward your Qualifying Purchase. Device models that currently qualify for trade-in and trade-in credit amounts associated with those models are available on & the cửa hàng App; eligible models & amounts may change at’s sole discretion. To lớn be eligible for trade-in, your qualifying device must meet all Trade-In Program eligibility requirements, which include, but are not limited to, that the device powers on, holds a charge, and does not nguồn off unexpectedly; has a functioning display; has no breaks or cracks in the screen (unless a cracked screen offer applies); has no breaks or cracks in the case; has no liquid damage (whether visible or not); has no other defects that go beyond normal wear and tear; is not on a black list; has a verified FCC ID; has been reset to lớn factory settings; has all personal information removed; has all software locks disabled; và is owned by you (leased devices are not eligible). Anticipated trade-in value will be applied as a credit at time of purchase, but, if you do not send in your trade-in device within 15 days of receipt of your Qualifying Purchase, you will be charged back for the trade-in credit applied lớn your purchase, or if you send in your trade-in device within 15 days of receipt of your Qualifying Purchase but determines your device does not meet all eligibility requirements, you will be charged back for the trade-in credit applied to lớn your purchase minus $25. Participation in this program does not excuse you from contracts with your carrier or retailer (or any related payments or fees) for the device that was traded in. Limit 1 trade-in per Qualifying Purchase. reserves the right to modify or discontinue this offer at any time. The Trade-In Program cannot be combined with any other, carrier or retailer promotions, discounts, or offers unless specifically provided for in the terms and conditions of such offers. Additional terms, including terms that govern the resolution of disputes, apply. Click here to lớn learn more

⊕0% APR for 24, 36, 40 or 48 Months with Equal Payments: Available on purchases of select products charged lớn a Financing account. Minimum purchase: $50. 0% APR from date of eligible purchase until paid in full. Estimated monthly payment equals the eligible purchase amount multiplied by a repayment factor và rounded to the nearest penny (repayment factors: .04167 for 24 month, .02778 for 36 month, .02500 for 40 month, .02083 for 48 month). Last payment may vary due to lớn rounding. Total amount of payments will not exceed eligible purchase amount. Other transactions và fees affect overall minimum payment amount. Advertised payment amount is an estimate & may change once taxes, delivery or other charges are added. Limited time offer. Regular account terms apply lớn non-promo purchases. Minimum interest charge: $1. Standard Purchase APR: 29.99%. Prior purchases excluded. Account must be in good standing. Subject khổng lồ credit approval. Financing account issued by TD Bank, N.A.

Based on average battery life under typical usage conditions. Average expected performance based on typical use. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, và voice, data, & other application- usage patterns. Results may varyExpandable with microSD card, sold separately.Requires optimal 5G network connection, available in select markets. Check with your carrier for availability and details. Tải về and streaming speeds may vary based on content provider, vps connection and other factors.Accuracy of Scene Optimizer may differ depending on shooting conditions including multiple subjects, being out of focus, or moving subjects.Dual Aperture supports F1.5 mode and F2.4 mode. Dual Aperture is installed on the main rear camera.Accuracy of Flaw Detection may differ depending on surrounding conditions or subject.Measured diagonally. Actual viewable area is less due to lớn the rounded corners and camera lens