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Anonymous said to lớn where joong ki displayed his brain prowess? I"ve already watch the pygmalion effect ep so pls recommend some other more :))

Running Man - Episode 46

Location: Kyobo Book Center, Seoul

Guest: Kim Hyun Joon


Red - Jong Kook, tuy nhiên Ji Hyo, Gary, & Lee Kwang Soo

Blue - Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Hyun Joon, Ji Suk Jin, và Haha

Goal: Get Running Balls

First Mission: Find the Guest (1 Running Ball)

This find the guest is slightly different from others in the sense that a) they will be moving locations; every time two Running Men are ousted they move on to the next location (they’re moving between different branches of Kyobo Book Center) & b) Kim Hyun Joon gets lớn choose someone lớn be his spy.

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He chooses Haha, who is informed of this before filming started.As soon as the game starts, Kim Jong Kook notices it would be very hard for a guest lớn hide in the bookstore, starts khổng lồ get suspicious.Yoo Jae Suk sees Gary checking out planners & starts to lớn think that finding planners is the guest’s mission & that Gary is helping him.Suddenly, song Ji Hyo sees someone who looks suspicious và calls for the other members, but Kim Hyun Joon escapes before anyone could figure out who he was.Kim Hyun Joon & Haha tương tác each other, deciding to lớn meet on the 2nd floor. Haha leads Yoo Jae Suk there along with him và together they remove Yoo Jae Suk’s name tag, eliminating him. Next, they decide to meet in the bathroom.Haha leads the Lee Kwang Soo into the bathroom. Kim Hyun Joong removes his name tag, eliminating him.Since two members have been eliminated, they move on khổng lồ the next location. Meanwhile Yoo Jae Suk và Lee Kwang Soo are lead to the jail, which is in the K Bookstore office.Once they arrive at their next location (which is much bigger than the first), Haha decides on a meeting place with Kim Hyun Joon.Suddenly, tuy vậy Ji Hyo turns a corner và there is Kim Hyun Joon! & so the chase begins, but despite all the members joining in on the chase, Kim Hyun Joon is a fast runner và gets away. However, now his identity is revealed.Haha lures Ji Suk Jin lớn the meeting spot. Kim Hyun Joong removes Ji Suk Jin’s name tag, eliminating him.Meanwhile in the jail, it’s lunch time for the K bookstore employees but they aren’t allowed to offer the Running Man members food. The PDs had gone to lớn lunch & Lee Kwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk decide to lớn try and call the bookstore the members are at and warn them about Haha. This was not allowed but since the PDs were gone they decided lớn try it.Haha finds tuy nhiên Ji Hyo sitting in the music section of the store & calls Kim Hyun Joon over. Kim Hyun Joong removes her name tag, eliminating tuy vậy Ji Hyo.Lee Kwang Soo successfully calls the bookstore but the PDs came back in time to catch him.The announcement was made but unfortunately, the members had already left lớn go khổng lồ the next location.At the final bookstore, Kim Jong Kook briefly sees Kim Hyun Joon & tries khổng lồ chase him down but he loses him.Haha lures Gary over khổng lồ a reading spot, exposing his back to Kim Hyun Joon, which then allows Kim Hyun Joon to lớn rip Gary’s nametag.

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Gary is eliminated.This leaves Kim Jong Kook, whom we all know, is no easy target. Haha and Kim Hyun Joong both try khổng lồ take him down but in the end Kim Jong Kook finds Kim Hyun Joong’s hidden name tag and removes it.Kim Jong Kook earns a Running Ball for the red team.Gary and tuy nhiên Ji Hyo are referred to as the Monday Couple.Haha is referred to lớn as Haroro.Kim Jong Kook is referred khổng lồ as the Commander.Ji Suk Jin is referred lớn as Big Nose Hyung.Yoo Jae Suk is referred to as Yooruce Willis và Yoomes Bond.Song Ji Hyo is referred lớn as Ace Ji Hyo & Blank Ji Hyo.Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, and Lee Kwang Soo are referred to as the Jail Regulars Trio.Kim Jong Kook wears hisKookie~ ♥^^ name tag.

Second Mission: Find the Married Couple (2 Running Balls)

There are a lot of employees at the Bookstore Office, including seven couples that are married. The teams each need to lớn bring three couples whom they believe are married. They need to lớn put a sticker on each person they think is part of a couple. Whichever team gets the most couples correct will earn two Running Balls.The xanh team first finds a lady who has a baby picture on her desk and says she’s from Busan. They put a sticker on her. Then, they interrupt a meeting to see the CEO, who points out a man who is in a couple. They put a sticker on him as well.Meanwhile, the Red team spots someone with a wedding picture on their desk. They then find a lady who matches with the woman in the photo, so they put a sticker on the couple.The blue team spots a man và woman sitting next to each other with matching seat cushions, & believe that is a sign they’re a couple, so they put a sticker on them too.The Red team sees a suspicious female employee & calls her husband through her phone. They decide that these two people are a couple.The xanh team picks their final couple when they find a picture of a bride on a man’s desk.Now that couple finding is over, it’s time to see who’s right! Each couple will step up and the man will say “Honey”. If the lady replies with “Honey” as well, then they are a couple.First up is the seat cushion couple, who turn out to be just friends!The Red team’s first couple is a successful match!The xanh team get’s their next couple correct while Red team gets theirs wrong.Gary and tuy vậy Ji Hyo also take the couple test, và when tuy nhiên Ji Hyo accepts Gary they are awarded couples rings.Both teams get their last couples correct! Since it’s a tie, both teams earn two running balls.Yoo Jae Suk is referred lớn as Yoo Hyuk.Song Ji Hyo is referred to lớn as the Monday Girlfriend.

The score is currently 3:2 Red Team, but there will be more in the next episode!