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10,000th McDonald"s Restaurant in the Asia Pacific Region

HO đưa ra MINH CITY, VIETNAM--(Marketwired - Feb 10, 2014) - McDonald"s Corporation (NYSE: MCD) today announced the opening of its first restaurant in Vietnam, which also marks the 10,000th restaurant for the chain in the Asia, Pacific, Middle East, & Africa region.

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The opening of the 24-hour Drive-Thru McDonald"s restaurant -- the first drive-thru restaurant ever in Vietnam -- heralds an entirely new cấp độ of dining convenience for customers in Ho bỏ ra Minh City. Strategically located at the busy roundabout at intersection of Dien Bien Phu and Nguyen Binh Khiem Streets in District 1, the two-story standalone restaurant is easily accessible for commuters to purchase a McDonald"s meal on the go using the Drive-Thru service.

"We"re proud to xuất hiện our 10,000th regional McDonald"s restaurant in Vietnam, a country which offers tremendous opportunity khổng lồ grow our Brand," said Don Thompson, McDonald"s President and CEO. "I"m thrilled khổng lồ be here to lớn celebrate with our local team và welcome our new employees and customers together. Our commitment in this part of the world & everywhere is khổng lồ deliver a modern và exciting restaurant experience with delicious food và drinks, at the convenience our customers expect from McDonald"s."

"Our relationship with our Vietnamese partner is strong và firmly rooted in McDonald"s values. We look forward to lớn building our brand and our business responsibly, as part of our growth strategy in Asia, & to making a positive impact in the local Vietnamese community," added Dave Hoffmann, President of McDonald"s Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

McDonald"s 350-seat restaurant in the domain authority Kao ward of District 1 reflects best-in-class kiến thiết with a full range of amenities & services quality to McDonald"s restaurants around the world. With a total floor area more than 1,300 square metres on a property close lớn 3,000 square metres, the restaurant is designed as a modern dining destination. In addition to lớn Drive-Thru service, customers will enjoy a multitude of offerings around the clock including delicious McDonald"s food, không tính tiền Wifi internet access, family-friendly amenities lượt thích a children"s Playplace and tiệc ngọt rooms, and parking facilities for cars và more than 250 motorbikes.

On the thực đơn front, in addition khổng lồ McDonald"s iconic choices such as the Big Mac and world-famous French fries, the first restaurant in Vietnam will launch the McPork line of burgers, which was especially created lớn reflect local Vietnamese tastes.

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"Today is a very special day for the entire McDonald"s Vietnam team. All of us have been highly inspired by the tremendous tư vấn we have received from the global McDonald"s team và the rigorous operational training our team has experienced over the past year. We are extremely proud to serve our customers who have long waited for the arrival of McDonald"s here," said Henry Nguyen, founder of Good Day Hospitality và developmental licensee of Vietnam.

"We want our restaurants to be places within the communities they serve where friends and families can enjoy a special McDonald"s experience made memorable by fresh, great-tasting food, fast & friendly service, và a comfortable and welcoming environment. The opening of our first restaurant in Vietnam is just the beginning of a journey with our customers. We will work hard khổng lồ continually stay relevant khổng lồ our customers" needs and exceed their expectations," added Nguyen.

ABOUT McDONALD"SMcDonald"s is the world"s leading global food service retailer with more than 35,000 locations serving approximately 70 million customers in more than 100 countries each day. More than 80% of McDonald"s restaurants worldwide are owned và operated by independent local business men and women. To learn more about the company, please visit: and follow us on Facebook( và Twitter (

Vietnam is one of over 65 markets worldwide where the McDonald"s Development Licensee (DL) structure has been deployed. The developmental license model is a size of franchising that McDonald"s has been using for more than 30 years around the world khổng lồ grow the Brand.