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Combining sleek design và powerful performance

Are you looking for a new way khổng lồ work và relax anywhere in style? With the Pavilion x360, you’ll have the right tool at your disposal to lớn accomplish whatever’s on your to-do list, whether it’s getting the next assignment in on schedule or viewing the latest season of your favorite TV show.

Best of all, this laptop provides the nguồn you need to get things done anywhere, on your terms, while looking great.

Pack up & play

With two kích cỡ options to lớn choose from and a long-lasting battery, the x360 laptop can last as long as you need it to without hassle.

The compact 14-inch model is the ultimate balance of portability and power that fits in almost any bag. It also comes with a full-sized keyboard khổng lồ provide a desktop-like experience when you’re working on-the-go. & if you’re looking for more screen real estate, try out the 15-inch model that makes a great addition to any workflow.

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All of this portability doesn’t require you lớn compromise when it comes to firepower, either, because we make sure there’s full performance capability included in every model.

Power meets portability

Every Pavilion x360 2-in-1 comes with a full suite of options that allows you vị more with less.

With up lớn 10 hours and 15 minutes of battery life, up khổng lồ 12GB DDR4 of RAM, and up lớn an 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i3, i5 và i7 processors along with discrete graphics options, this máy vi tính can perform anywhere.

Whether you’re working in the office, finishing an assignment at home, or on-the-go, the Pavilion can be your mobile working partner.

Four modes, four ways khổng lồ get things done

The Pavilion x360 is more than just your typical notebook. With a 360-degree hinge, it offers four distinct modes that let you take on any kind of work comfortably và in style.

When it’s time khổng lồ knock out assignments, choose the laptop mode for a traditional working experience. But maybe you want to get more hands-on. Simply switch lớn tablet mode, which lets you get the keyboard out of the way so there’s nothing between you, your Pen, & the screen. This mode is ideal for artists and readers alike.

Is time for a break? Stand mode is the best way lớn watch your favorite shows & movies from anywhere. Just fold back the keyboard as a stand và go hands-free lớn focus on the screen.

Need to lớn give a presentation on-the-go? With tent mode, it’s a breeze khổng lồ impress your colleagues or clients with your presentation almost anywhere. Just fold over your Pavilion và you’re good to go.

Audio by Bang & Olufsen

When it comes lớn entertainment, don’t settle for average laptop speakers.

Enhance every experience with the premium audio included in an Pavilion x360 2-in-1. With this laptop, you get rich, room-filling audio custom-calibrated by Bang và Olufsen so you can hear your favorite music, movies, and shows in premium quality.

Storage made simple

In addition khổng lồ a sleek and stylish exterior & its top-tier performance, the Pavilion brings a full array of storage options for any amount of data you need khổng lồ store and any màn chơi of access you require.

You can pick up lớn 512GB of SSD storage lớn have fast access to lớn all of your files & quick boot-up times. Or, you can go even bigger with up lớn 1TB of HDD space, which provides the high storage volume you need for your music, photo, or đoạn clip libraries.

Style that makes an impression

On đứng top of its masterful cấp độ of performance, we designed the Pavilion Laptops from the ground up with style in mind.

From the sleek, edge-to-edge screen, to the level of attention to lớn detail in the precision-cut speaker grill, to the number of màu sắc options, this laptop was crafted lớn turn heads và demand attention.