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If you are an iPhone, ipad or iPod user, you will frequently use iTunes lớn manage data on your quả táo device, play digital media, restore backup files & more in daily life. Not lượt thích Android phones or tablets, you can directly transfer or back up all kinds of files on your computer. When you want to lớn make a data transferring or backup, you have lớn rely on iTunes lớn help you bởi vì that.

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Download iTunes for Windows

1. Navigate to lớn the iTunes tải về page on táo khuyết official website.

2. Click "Download now" button to download the latest iTunes version khổng lồ your computer.

After downloading, install this iTunes for Windows on your PC. But you may notice that, the latest iTunes for Windows version is not compatible with your computer. At this time, you can tải về the suitable iTunes for Windows according khổng lồ your Windows system.

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Alternatives khổng lồ iTunes

iTunes is a very powerful game ios data managing software. Whether you want khổng lồ sync movies/songs to iPhone/iPad/iPod, or organize the files on quả táo devices, iTunes for Windows can always vì chưng you a great favor. However, due khổng lồ various reasons, you may don"t consider iTunes as an easy-to-use tool. Here in this part, we will recommend you two useful alternatives khổng lồ iTunes khổng lồ help you easily transfer and back up game ios files.



Want lớn transfer files lớn iPhone/iPad/iPod without erasing the existing data? Then this tiện ích ios data transferring software can be your best choice. FoneTrans enables you to lớn directly transfer music, movies, photos, books to tiện ích ios device like Android phone does. Moreover, this alternative khổng lồ iTunes can help you manage pictures, songs, videos, SMS messages, contacts, etc. In a simple way. You can also use it lớn back up your personal iPhone/iPad/iPod files to computer within just a few clicks.



Sometimes you will use iTunes for Windows khổng lồ back up your iPhone data or restore the deleted/lost files from the source backup. Here we show you another alternative lớn iTunes - FoneLab, which can do a better work for you. If you delete your important files on iPhone by accident and don"t have a backup, FoneLab allows you to check and recovery these lost/deleted data with ease. In addition, it can work as a professional backup tool khổng lồ copy the existing/deleted music, videos, photos, messages, contacts, Safari history, hotline logs, books, etc. To your computer. What"s more, it provides three ways khổng lồ back up or recover all types of data on your iPhone/iPad/iPod. You can back up or restore data from ios device or iTunes/iCloud backup files.

FoneLab - iPhone Data Recovery For Mac FoneLab is the professional tiện ích ios data recovering software which enables you khổng lồ recover various iPhone files & make data backup from iPhone. Recover contacts, messages, hotline logs, etc. On iPhone. Copy photos, music, WhatsApp data, etc. To PC. Support any quả táo device lượt thích iPhone ipad iPod. Restore backup data from iCloud/iTunes.