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Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro & Pro Max smartphones are available to buy in four different colors. In fact, both models can be purchased in the exact same color options, making this one of the areas consumers won’t have to focus on when deciding which Pro mã sản phẩm is best for them. However, the Pro & Pro Max màu sắc options are different to the other current iPhone models, as well as the previous year’s Pro versions.

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Apple announced the Pro và Pro Max at the same time as the standard iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini. With the iPhone 12 series consisting of four phones, consumers have the option of buying the iPhone that’s best suited khổng lồ their needs. Form size is one of the major differences between the four models, even though the Pro is actually the same kích thước as the standard iPhone 12. Colors are another area where the new iPhone models differ, lớn a degree.

The iPhone 12 Pro can be purchased in either Gold, Graphite, Pacific Blue, or Silver. Although the Pro Max does come with some upgrades compared to lớn the standard Pro model, màu sắc choice is not any different, with the Pro Max also available to lớn buy in either Gold, Graphite, Pacific Blue, or Silver. While hãng apple does also sell a (PRODUCT)RED iPhone, the iPhone 12 Pro và Pro Max are not available for purchase in red. Instead, this color is reserved for just the standard & mini iPhone 12 models.

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Pro Colors Compared to lớn Other iPhone Models


Red is not the only màu sắc difference between the Pro & non-Pro iPhone 12 models. In fact, the iPhone 12 Pro và Pro Max are sold in completely different colors to lớn the standard iPhone 12 and mini, with the closest similarity being blue. As shown in the image above, the Pro’s Pacific blue is lighter và more subtle than the standard iPhone 12’s Blue. The rest of the iPhone 12 và mini màu sắc choices consist of Black, Green, and White. Likewise, the iPhone 12 Pro và Pro Max are also sold in slightly different colors than their predecessors were, although there is some overlap. For example, while the current Pro models are available khổng lồ buy in Gold, Graphite, Pacific Blue, or Silver, the iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max color choice came down to lớn Gold, Midnight Green, Silver and Space Gray.

Regardless of which color a consumer prefers, there’s no difference in price. The iPhone 12 Pro can be purchased in any of the available colors for $999, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max in all colors costs $1,099. Of course, these are just the starting prices, with hãng apple charging extra for those that want a Gold, Graphite, Pacific Blue, or Silver iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max điện thoại thông minh with more storage.

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