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<120429> 잠들기전 39번째추천영화 ‘쏘울써퍼’

Movie reccomendation number 40 “I am going to lớn meet her now”

*Translated by teukables


Movie Name: Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu (Be With You) Engsub: Soft SubDescription: What would you vày if someone you loved died… & then one day came back into your life?In a picture book, Yuji’s mother (Mimura) writes a story to her son, in which she explains her death as a journey khổng lồ the Akaibo Star.

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In this story, she promises that she will return khổng lồ him during the rainy season, và stay only until the rain lasts.As a love story, as a story between family & mother and son, and as a story of growth & strength, Ima Ai ni Yukimasu is a drama that explores life’s mircales. What would you vì when given a second chance with the one you love?Cap:


MF (Full+Engsub): at


*How lớn watch movie with Soft Subtitles: 1.

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Tải về movie và Subtitles 2. Put them in the same directory 3. Rename subtitle tệp tin according to movie file (ex: movie’s name: Yesung.avi => softsub name: Yesung.ass) 4. Play movie, watch and enjoy