Mobile hidden camera

Today, with the best hidden camera app for Android, you can turn yourself into a James Bond of sorts.

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However, please vì chưng your spying for legitimate reasons only.There are so many spying apps being released on app android every other day. Therefore, it can be a bit hard for you lớn know what khổng lồ choose, especially if you are a first-timer in this area. All ứng dụng developers claim theirs is the best, but which one really is?We have done the footwork for you & in this article we share with you some of the best apps we came across và tested, enjoy!

5 Best Hidden Camera Apps for Android

In this article we look at five of the best spy apps out there, both miễn phí and paid ones, that you can use.

1. Silent Secret Camera App

Just as its name suggests, this is a “silent” app in that you can take photos of subjects without them ever suspecting a thing. It is a good phầm mềm to have at trang chủ to monitor your baby as it sleeps. You can also use the tiện ích to take surprise photos of your relatives when they come calling.This is a free app, but it comes with in ứng dụng purchases. It will also not consume much resources on your smartphone. Once installed, it is pretty hassle-free. Perhaps the one downside that we can mention here is the fact that you still have to point it in the general direction of the subject that you are photographing.It should be easy to lớn use this hidden camera app. The interface is quite simple, without any configuration needed. You can easily capture continuous shots & best of all, you can focus the camera easily without your subjects suspecting a thing.You can tải về this ứng dụng here:  or

2. Background video clip Recorder

This is a good spy cam tiện ích for android. You can be able khổng lồ record videos discreetly with this app, without the subject under surveillance being any the wiser for it. You may disable the sounds of the camera so that it does not make any sounds.This is a không tính tiền app, but it comes with in-app purchases. When you start recording, the screen of your device will go off. The key is lớn be as discreet as possible. This phầm mềm will also record in night mode và take clear footage.You may also schedule the video clip recording so that it can start capturing footage at the appointed time. You may also use the back or the front camera for recording. You will also be able to trim your videos và better yet, you can even mix length of recording time.When you start recording, this app will run for about 30 minutes, or when the recorded capacity reaches 4GB. After that, it will go off automatically.

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It is recommended that you set the total recording time to lớn less than 30 minutes. However, you can phối it lớn run for a longer time if you have mix the footage lớn be stored in an SD card.You can download this tiện ích from

3. Presence Spy Camera app for Android

The reason why we have included this in the danh mục of best hidden camera phầm mềm for apk is because of its features. It is one good camera tiện ích for your trang chủ security. First, you can connect it with door sensors so that it alerts you every time the door is opened.If you have an old điện thoại cảm ứng at home that has a camera, you can turn it into your secret camera with this app. All that you need to vì is tải về this app to it, & to your daily-use game android phone too. That way, you can use the old phone as the on-site camera while you use yours to lớn monitor what is going on at home.Since this app supports multi-viewer use, you can use it to monitor the other electronic items that you have at home. In addition, you can also turn this phầm mềm into a pet monitor, baby monitor, nanny camera, temperature detector and water leak detector. Just position the trang chủ tablet or phone with the camera facing the direction that you want to monitor. You can then alternate between front and back cameras easily.You can set email alerts when something happens and you are not at home. You can also set push notifications or in-app alerts. With this spy camera app for android, your trang chủ security is under control all the time.The Presence app android app comes in không tính tiền and premium version. You can make vì chưng with the không tính tiền one but khổng lồ unlock more features, you need lớn go pro.You can tải về Presence app from

4. Trackview Spy Camera

In about 60 seconds, you can finish installing the Trackview hidden camera app for android and immediately turn your điện thoại thông minh into your security monitor. This is also an IP camera và can bởi all of the things that the other IP camera apps can do.Among some of the things that you can achieve with this spy camera app is that it has two-way audio capability. You can speak into it to catch up with your kids when traveling. You can also record & listen to audio from the other end. You can remotely control the use of rear or front cameras. You can also make use of night mode to lớn see the area you are monitoring clearly in low light.You can use your old điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh or tablet at trang chủ as your recording device. You will be monitoring the area under surveillance from your regular smartphone. If the tiện ích detects any event in the area that you are monitoring is detected, it will alert you immediately.Another important function that you can get from this tiện ích is that it can help you find lost items, mostly devices. If the devices have been stolen, you can find them easily with this app & capture the theft.You can download this phầm mềm from or on PlayStore