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One of the most frustrating situations which users frequently face is while streaming videos online. This occurs when the user is trying to play an audio or a đoạn clip file directly from a webpage while browsing the mạng internet on an mạng internet browser. If the browser is not able to lớn play the tệp tin successfully, an error message pops up on the screen. This is the “Error loading player: No playable sources found” error. This troublesome error does not allow the user lớn watch any đoạn clip online despite excellent network requirements.Bạn đã xem: Fix: error loading player 'no playable sources found'



2 How to lớn Fix Error Loading Player: No Playable Sources Found Error

Why Does The Error Loading Player: No Playable Sources Found Occur?

This is supposed lớn be an irresistible error which can occur at any point of time due lớn various reasons. It happens because of a problem occurring at the time of loading online videos on your browser. The three main reasons for the appearance of this error message on the screen are as follows:

1. Your Browser’s Cache: At times the Browser gets overloaded with Then it creates problems such as the error loading player message.

Bạn đang xem: Lỗi error loading player: no playable sources found

2. Outdated Version of Browser: Continuously using older and outdated versions of the browser will not let you use the new features of the It will cause interruptions in the normal functioning of the browser

3. An Older Version of Flash Drive: This is the leading cause of the Error Loading Player: No Playable Sources Found You will be unable lớn watch videos online if you are using an old Flash Drive.

How to Fix Error Loading Player: No Playable Sources Found Error

It is not a major issue và can be solved easily. Some swift & simple methods are described below:

Method 1 – Update Google Chrome Browser

Download & install the most recent update of the web browser (Google Chrome) lớn fix the Error Loading Player: No Playable Sources Found. Follow this:

Step 1: After clicking on the three dots icon shown on the right side of the browser, navigate to lớn Help then About Google Chrome.

Step 2: A newer version of the browser (Google Chrome) will automatically update the browser.

Step 3: After updating the browser, click on Relaunch to let the changes take place.

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Method 2 – Clear Browser History

Clearing the cache of the main web Browser (Google Chrome) can remove Error Loading Player No Playable Sources Found error notification. Follow the steps khổng lồ complete the process:

Step 1: On the PC mở cửa Google Chrome. Now press on the icon with three dots displayed on the đứng đầu right corner.

Step 2: Next, navigate to lớn More tools → Clear browsing data.

Step 3: Select the time range for the deletion of the cache of the browser và choose all the required options.

Step 4: In the end, click on the option Clear Data and wait for a few minutes.

Method 3 – Reinstall Adobe Flash Player

Since it is the most common reason behind the error message, this is the usually adopted method for solving the problem. While using a couple of web browser clients, this error may pop up on the screen. The solution is khổng lồ update or reinstall Adobe Flash Player on the Windows computer. The steps to bởi vì this are mentioned below:

Step 1: First of all, navigate to Control Panel (Use Win+X Keys) on the PC.

Step 2: Secondly, select Uninstall a Program under Programs.

Step 3: After that, locate the Adobe Flash Player and hit the Uninstall button.

Step 4: Next, navigate khổng lồ the official trang web of Adobe Flash Player to download it.

Step 5: Following, it will detect the OS configuration automatically and the suitable version of Adobe Flash Player visible on the left side.

Step 6: Then, some other configurations can also be used to tải về it. After following the on-screen instructions, simply click on Need Flash Player for a different computer?

Step 7: After this, to proceed with automatically detected configurations, click on Install now.

Step 8: Just follow the instructions displayed on the screen và reinstall it on the system.

Step 9: After restarting the browser, probably the Error Loading Player: No Playable Sources Found will be removed, ensuring the smooth streaming of online videos.

Method 4 – showroom Flash Exceptions

Adding flash exceptions can also remove Error Loading Player No Playable Sources Found error. Follow the steps:

Step 1: On the PC mở cửa Google Chrome.

Step 2: Click on the Menu icon. In the drop-down box that appears, click on Settings.

Step 4: Under the field of Privacy, find Content Settings.

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Step 5: Locate the Flash feature and địa chỉ any website to lớn the list.

Method 5 – Update Windows to lớn Latest Version

One of the causes of the Error Loading Player: No Playable Sources Found notification is the outdated Windows version. While using the browser, it creates several issues. Follow the steps to tải về the latest updates of Windows:

Step 1: Press both Windows + I keys together.

Step 2: Click on Update và Security in the System Settings.

Step 3: Next, click on kiểm tra for Updates option.

Step 4: download the available updates.

Step 5: At last, restart the PC and check this problem is fixed or not.

Method 6 – Enter Safe Mode Using Networking

Enable the Safe Mode with Networking on the computer if the Error Loading Player: No Playable Sources Found still persists after trying all the above methods. In order to reboot the computer into Safe Mode with Networking, follow the steps:

Step 1: Firstly, press both Windows + R keys simultaneously.

Step 2: Secondly, type “MSConfig” in the Run window that appears và hit OK.

Step 3: After that, in the System Configuration window, navigate to the Boot tab.

Step 4: Under the Boot, options kiểm tra Safe boot box as well as the Network feature below it.

Step 5: Lastly, restart the PC after saving the changes.

Method 7 – check Out for Viruses

Many websites available on the web are unsafe for watching videos. They have a possibility of containing a virus or malware. It may harm the computer và consequently create errors. There may be an Antivirus installed on the PC, but it is always advisable to be sure about the security of the computer. The solution is to always temporarily disable any antivirus.

In order to lớn be sure that websites do not contain any malicious content, use a Firewall. Windows Firewall is a great option for this. It is easily available to tải về for free. Use this to check for the presence of a vi khuẩn causing the Error Loading Player: No Playable Sources Found.

Method 8 – Turn off ActiveX Filtering (Only for mạng internet Explorer Users)

Step 1: mở cửa Internet Explorer on the PC.

Step 2: From the top right corner, click on the Gear icon. Then navigate khổng lồ Safety → ActiveX Filtering from the menu.

Step 3: Now, uncheck ActiveX Filtering if it is checked.

Method 9 – Make Sure to Enable Browser Flash

Some websites need Flash khổng lồ stream their videos. At times, applications disable the Flash, which causes the error to lớn occur. To sort out this issue enable the Browser Flash.

Step 1: First of all, type “chrome://settings/content/flash” in the tìm kiếm bar of the Chrome browser.

Step 2: Secondly, click on the option Ask first (recommended).

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Therefore the Error Loading Player: No Playable Sources Found message occurs when the user is not able to lớn stream videos online. We have discussed some of the best ways lớn tackle the Error Loading Player: No Playable Sources Found. These troubleshooting methods are uncomplicated & easy to use và can solve this minor bug.