Light Novel Date A Live Volume 16: Kurumi Refrain

Date with Kurumi is intensifying for Shidou!! All of those happy time for the two in spite of the violent stygian period in every 204 corner, really clever.We finally get khổng lồ see the full menu of Kurumi's ability and her background and reasons for her vengeful attitude. I could now describe her as the strong, weak, naive and beautiful spirit. And now hyping for what's going to lớn happen next!

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Best volume by far. The writting was ingenous here...First if anyone is seeing this before reading, SPOILERS ahead that shouldnt be spoiled, so dont read.I think the prologue was genius, shedding some light on Kurumi's past before she was a spirit, và it gives alot of context to lớn her whole nature even as a spirit (ojou-sama type), while a murderer, there were alot of times when she definitly shows a more refined posture afterall.Previous volumes had little to lớn nothing for Kurumày so I dare lớn say the fans got an overload here of quality nội dung. I personally enjoyed Kurumi vs Shidou baông xã và forth.The whole chocolate scene was very amusing when you see Kotori & the rest giving their best và then Kurumày shows the fun for some teasing, it was good khổng lồ see this interaction, since most of the times she never talked with others aside Shidou (that Origami's angel was a piece of art, knowing her, I m baffled that she didnt made a nude version of it in the end). Kurumi's date was also charming indeed (Kurumày love for neko-chan is adorable~~).

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Charming to the point of being dangerous!

To this point I would say the volume was already highly enjoyable, và even shocking with Nibelcol making up for some rather shocking inducing experiences, like that dream Shidou which probably was not a dream at all! More on that later but damilimet, Wescott said it was about time lớn go real since Shidou had 10 spirits & you can clearly see he was letting them out easily lớn this point O.OSamsara of Salvation comes, which really plays out well since a quichồng search refers it lớn be the endless circle of death & rebirth of life and the world... earlier this volume we already had some interesting info revealed, alot was foreshawdowed starting on vol3-4, you can see Kurumi wants lớn go bachồng 30 years ago, that determination of hers is what shielded her from getting captured status by Shidou, we know she wanted to lớn kill the first spirit, & the consequences resulting are that Shidou would have sầu never meet Tokha & the rest, & would probably be living an happy life with Kotori, frankly it is an outcome that should be avoided... this were all my thoughts when the LN started to shed some light on Kurumi's motivates, BUT damm.
The real plot twist comes first when she reveals her past (In The Recent Sin, before Samsara's), I expected something, but I didnt expect this much fuckery. Kurumi goals to lớn are way more reasonable now, she let herself fall in the madness of revenge and now is too late khổng lồ stop, all this time she was doing this thinking that she could in the end reset everything, you can say the more "evil" she become, the bigger grew her determination lớn reach out towards the over of her dream và erase everything.It makes sense the hatred she has for the First Spirit, và it was sweet to see herself finally opening like that to Shidou, he himself got some mindfucks there, you can say this only renewed his will to save Kurumày for such a path, but this is one she choose, & which the only real way lớn attone maybe preventing it for ever coming to lớn, she already killed lớn many, if she stopped now, gives up on such a solution lớn make ammends, how will she make lớn avoid getting crushed by all this guilt? She may even go Invert for real!It was a genius move sầu from the writter, it took time lớn fully flesh it out (16 volumes), but the pay off is huge. Yet so far inkhổng lồ the volume and there is still more...Going baông xã khổng lồ Samsara, another big plot twist, that Shidou was supposed to lớn be death, even since DEM decided lớn get real & Ellen first was going to ambush Shidou, what we saw at the beggining was actually the combined effort of Kurungươi to save hyên... looping for about 200 times, indeed she could just have eaten hyên ổn and get his powers, but of course she cant, she can be the worst most evil spirit, a girl that spells doom, but she was always first a very kind, a girl with a gentle heart, that got thorn over by getting caught in the middle of Mio's plan. Also more than never, it is visible she is growing some deep affection towards Shidou, the clones trolling her made for some dễ thương scenes, they are her but they are also themselves, in the over they care for the real Kurumày and know alot of what dwels on her own heart, even the things she doesnt want to lớn admit khổng lồ avoid losing strength and motivation to lớn see the over of the path she choose.I got alot of vibes from Magical Madoka & Steins Gate here, with Kurumi going baông xã to save Shidou over and over again, which each time her concious self getting more and more worned about it... I always found Kurumày a very mysterious & amusing character khổng lồ read, but the lengths she goes over during this volume, what she experienced... that really stroke my heart, khổng lồ the point is pretty hard lớn not say she is my main favorite, I share alot of love sầu và adoration for Origangươi with vol 10-11, Tohka from the start, and Miku, and the others are also xinh đẹp (Muku's and Natsumày are adorable, and I felt for Mia's past), but Kurungươi clearly stands on a different cấp độ.It is only normal she collapsed like that in the over. What a really selfish girl, wanting lớn keep all of that bottled inside, despite having done so much for him.Also I came to lớn fear alot Nibelcol this episode, when DEM get serious, fuck! I have to lớn say though, I kindomain authority hate the fact that Wescott had khổng lồ get his hands on Beelzebub, even with Mia's intervention it feels lượt thích too much like a cheat guides, where is even Ratatoskr, for such a big organization, they are powerless, they have though it was sweet, they clearly underestimated DEM's reach và power, become if not by Kurungươi, Shidou would have sầu been really dead, hell, he can even choose, so many times in the spans of 6 days they tried, it is kinda overhelming.Only someone like Kurumày could take up lớn this task, I bet it wasnt easy seeing that scene over và over again.I have sầu wrotten so much already but still, the volume waits till the end, to keep bombarding you with more plot twists!Gotta confess I already knew this one, Reine was , but more than that she is the First Spirit, everything makes sense with this, and the context this gives khổng lồ all the plot that has been going on is tremendous, not only for Kurumày, but also for Shidou & the other spirits, if I wasnt spoiled already this would have sầu been another fucking huge plot twist!
C.R.A.Z.Y...3 huge plot twists this volume, coupled with the best writting for the series so far, alot of Kurumi's mixed with other spirits moments too (sweetness levels rising khổng lồ warning levels), some real despair and shockings scenes here... I think it is safe to assume this is my favorite so far, to this point I had 7, 11 & 15, & couldnt choose between them, I still enjoyed those alot, but Kurumi's Refrain is the pinacle of the series & of the writter evolution và subtle hinting towards thist underlining plot involving the First Spirit.What a read, this is a game changer, and if people already enjoyed Kurungươi alot with S1 and S2 nội dung, which IMO wasnt enough to give sầu her this much hype, how can they take with such amazing arc? Obviously most will never reach here, I would love lớn see the anime reaching this point, it is unlikeable. :(10/10 volume for me.And it is only the first part, it continues on Kurumi's Ragnarok! Already have sầu readed some, and it just makes everything more complex và suddently you cant say the First Spirit is all that evil. I was never expecting the series khổng lồ reach this kind of plot unique, I was on the ride for the harem enjoyable cast, but my expectations were by far surpassed with this arc.It really feels lượt thích were starting lớn get on the climax, I just hope the writter manages to keep the wave going.So in short, with this volume I become a Kurumi's workshipper, I never understood it before but Kurumi is love, Kurumi is LIFE, for real.What an amazing evolution this series has undergo, AMAZING!DAL lovers, get to read this shit, it is like mandatory, if anyone enjoyed DAL series before, it is a shame not experiencing volume 16, sell your soul to lớn the devil & start reading!